Kimberly Olson

AAA Insurance Expert and Contributing Writer

A home with solar panels and solar hot water heating on the roof.

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Understand the disadvantages and advantages of adding solar panels to your home.
father and daughter in jeans, t-shirts-and baseball hats wash the exterior of the family car

How to Wash and Detail Your Car

Learn the best way to clean and detail your car with these helpful tips.
A speeding car passes another car on the left with partially cloudy blue skies

What Can Raise or Lower the Cost of Your Car Insurance?

Find out what could be causing your car insurance premium to increase.
Close up view of a person in yellow rain boots walking through a flooded home

What to Do After Flood Damage

How to assess damage and begin flood cleanup to your house and damaged car.
A man takes his California Real ID out of his wallet

What Is a Real ID, and Do I Need One?

If you plan to fly starting May 7, 2025, you’ll need a Real ID. Here’s how to get one—and why.
Father and his daughter on a laptop going through the AAA Teen Smart driving program

Teen Smart Driving Program and AAA Auto Insurance

Learn more about the Teen Smart driving program and how you can save on auto insurance for your teen through AAA.
AAA logo

How Does Car Insurance Work?

Get the facts on how car insurance works, does it cover the car or the driver, and what happens when you file a claim.
A female college student inspects damage to her call while on the phone with her insurance agent

Auto Insurance for College Students

Find out if you need your own car insurance as a college student or if you can stay on your parent's coverage and possible AAA Auto Insurance discounts.
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Electric (EV) Car Insurance

Are electric cars more expensive to insure? Learn more about getting car insurance for your EV and what coverage options to consider.
 A dad and his teen driver practice parking with orange cones

How Much Is Car Insurance for My 16-18 Year Old?

Find out how much it costs to get car insurance for your 16-18 year old driver and get tips on how to lower your rates.
Three young teen girls smile for a selfie next to the drivers car

Auto Insurance for Teens & New Drivers

Keep your new driver safe and be confident in the insurance coverage you have. Get tips and find out about AAA insurance discounts for teens.
The back of a car as it drives on a three lane freeway as the sunsets

Liability Car Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance helps pay for the damages to another person’s car when you cause an accident.
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Roadside Assistance in Fresno, CA

When you need emergency roadside assistance in Fresno, California, AAA will be there.
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold?

Find out if and when your home insurance policy will cover mold damage or removal.
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Learn the ins and outs of when water damage may be covered by home insurance.