AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

When you need emergency motorcycle assistance, AAA will be there.

Ride with confidence knowing AAA has you covered on the open road.

There’s nothing quite like riding your motorcycle out on the open road. But what if you run into engine trouble or get a flat tire? AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance will help you take care of the issue, and get you back to enjoying the ride.

AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance: Am I covered?

AAA Classic and AAA Plus Memberships are not eligible for motorcycle coverage. But for all-around protection for your car and your motorcycle, upgrade to:

  • AAA Plus Motorcycle or AAA Plus RV if you live in Arizona. 

  • AAA Plus RV or AAA Premier if you live in Utah.

  • AAA Premier for Northern California, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana. 

In addition to all the usual benefits of AAA Membership, you’ll receive access to AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance, which includes motorcycle towing, Emergency Fuel Delivery, locksmith reimbursement, and motorcycle trailer coverage. 

Plus, just as AAA covers you in any car, AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance covers you on any motorcycle, whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance: What Does It Cover?

  • Towing: Can’t get your bike to start after stopping to enjoy a scenic view? AAA can meet you at your breakdown location and tow you to safety. (Towing mileage varies based on your AAA Membership plan.)

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery: If your tank runs dry, don’t sweat it. An Emergency Road Service technician will deliver enough fuel to get you to the next gas station.

  • Extrication services: Caught in a tough spot? AAA will retrieve your motorcycle if it gets stuck in the mud, sand, snow, or a ditch.

  • Flat tire service: If you have a flat tire, a technician can come straight to you to fill it up.

  • Locksmith services: If you lose or break your key and need to call a locksmith, AAA will reimburse you for the cost. (Reimbursement amount varies depending on Membership plans.)

  • Trailer assistance: Even if you tow your motorcycle with your vehicle, you’re still covered. Flat tire service, towing, extrication, and locksmith reimbursement are available for your trailer too.

For more information on AAA Motorcycle Roadside Assistance and other AAA Membership benefits, visit your local branch office or call our Member Service Center today at (800) 922-8228.