Roadside Assistance Fresno

When you need emergency roadside assistance in Fresno, California, AAA will be there.

AAA has your roadside assistance needs covered when driving in Fresno, California.

Imagine driving to Yosemite National Park, enjoying the scenery along the way, when your car suddenly makes an odd clunking noise and sputters to a stop; or driving across downtown Fresno late at night when your car wobbles and your tire goes flat. 

While being stranded on the side of the road or attempting to change a tire in the dark can put a damper on any moment, help is just a click away with AAA Membership. Whether you run out of gas, need a jump start, or lock your keys in the car, AAA Roadside Assistance in Fresno will spring into action—day or night—to get you back on your way. 

AAA Roadside Assistance Coverage in Fresno

Whenever you have car trouble, AAA is on the way! As a valued AAA Member, you’re covered 24/7 while driving your own car or as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. 

Reach us through our handy app, AAA Mobile, or by phone or online, to receive:

  • Towing. If you get stranded, AAA will tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station, AAA Approved Auto Repair shop, or your favorite mechanic. (Towing mileage varies based on AAA Membership plans.) AAA Premier Membership covers towing for motorcycles, RVs, and most types of trailers.

  • Flat tire service. Tires face all manner of foes on the road, from scary potholes to stray nails and broken glass. If you get a flat tire, AAA Roadside Assistance Fresno will either reinflate it, install your spare, or give you a tow.

  • Car Battery Service. If your car battery fizzles out, AAA will arrive on the scene to give you a jump start. Suspect your battery is failing? Our roadside service technicians can test it and, if needed, replace it on the spot (only available in some areas). Plus, your new AAA battery comes with a six-year warranty.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery. If you run out of gas, AAA Roadside Assistance Fresno will arrive with enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station. (When you call, let us know if you need diesel fuel—available in certain locations.)

  • Mechanical first aid. Our AAA Roadside Assistance technicians can pinpoint and resolve common mechanical glitches, and make minor repairs that don’t require parts or supplies in order to get you zooming along again.

  • Locksmith service. If you locked your keys in your car (whoops!), AAA Roadside Assistance will help you gain entry; and if AAA isn’t able to help, we’ll give you a tow. Your AAA Membership also includes a locksmith reimbursement worth up to $50 (AAA Classic), $100 (AAA Plus), or $150 (AAA Premier).

Did You Know … ? Vehicles 10 years and older are twice as likely to break down and four times as likely to need a tow. To keep your car in top shape, schedule regular inspections and tune-ups at your local AAA Approved Auto Repair shop.

Roadside Coverage by Membership Plan

AAA offers three membership plans, each with its own benefits and perks.

AAA Classic ($56 per year)
Even our most budget-friendly membership plan comes with reliable, around-the-clock roadside assistance, which includes:

  • 5 miles of standard towing, including bicycle towing.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery.

  • Car Battery Service.

  • Locksmith reimbursement up to $50.

  • Other great perks including passport photos and DMV services at your local Fresno AAA branch; discounts on movie tickets, hotels, car repairs, and more; and vacation planning courtesy of our savvy AAA travel experts.

AAA Plus ($91 per year)
With our Plus plan, the benefits get even sweeter:

  • 100 miles of standard towing, including bicycle towing.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery.

  • Emergency fuel.

  • Car Battery Service.

  • Locksmith reimbursement up to $100.

  • More AAA Members perks like exclusive discounts and travel planning.

AAA Premier ($119 per year)
Our Premier plan offers high-octane benefits to take all the worry out of road travel:

  • 200 miles of standard towing, including bicycle towing.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery.

  • Emergency fuel.

  • Car Battery Service.

  • Locksmith reimbursement up to $150.

  • AAA Member perks included with every membership, such as DMV services, select discounts, and vacation planning with AAA Travel.

Did You Know … ? AAA Members requesting Fresno roadside assistance from home can ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for help. To set up this feature, first enable Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on your smart device. Next, ask Amazon Alexa to “Open AAA Road Service” or instruct Google Assistant to “Talk to AAA Road Service.”

To the Rescue in California

With more than 27 million licensed drivers, Californians love to hit the road. In 2020, AAA rescued 2,127,114 drivers in California alone. Our reliable 24-hour emergency roadside assistance in California is the reason most members join (and renew with) AAA year after year, because when trouble pops up, we’ll be there.

Quick Tip: Give your tires regular checkups to make sure you’re driving on a safe set of wheels. Also, if you have a spare tire that requires a locking lug nut key, keep the key in your glove box or with your spare. Each year, AAA is unable to replace thousands of flats with drivers’ spare tires due to missing keys.

How and Where to Use AAA Roadside Assistance

If you like flexibility and calling the shots, then you’ll love AAA Roadside Assistance.

  • Anytime. Call us for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll send roadside assistance your way.

  • Any car. Whether your car breaks down or you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle when trouble strikes, you’re entitled to AAA Roadside Assistance. You can also call AAA if your rental car breaks down. AAA Premier covers motorcycles and RVs.

  • Anywhere. Call for AAA Roadside Assistance anywhere in the United States or Canada.

  • Any repair shop. AAA will tow your car to a repair shop of your choice—including one of the 11 AAA Approved Auto Repair shops in the Fresno area—to your driveway, or from one garage to another. Keep in mind that you’re entitled to one tow per breakdown; additional tows are at your own expense.